Boards Of Canada

Category: Person

Status: Active

Origin: Edinburgh, UK

Art: Music

Genres: Electronic, Illbient, Ambient, IDM, Intelligent Dance Music, Experimental, Psychedelic, Downtempo, Electronica, Chill Out, [MORE]

Aliases: Hell Interface, B.O.C., BOC, BoardsOfCanada

Members: Chris Horne, Marcus Eoin, Michael Sandison

In Groups: Music70, Warp Records, Skam, SMEJ Associated Records, PIAS France

External Links: Official Website, Wikipedia, MySpace, YouTube,, Discogs, Allmusic, Facebook, Twitter, Eventful, BBC, MusicBrainz, The DJ List, Resident Advisor, MTV, Billboard, Beatport, Spotify, Reverbnation

Added Since: Jul 11th 2010

Boards Of Canada
Boards Of Canada At Muziekgebouw Aan ‘t IJ Music Show Muziekgebouw Aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam Netherlands

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Jan 14th 2018
Boards Of Canada At Pressed Music Show Pressed, Ottawa, CAN

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May 27th 2017
Boards Of Canada At Quinta Vergara, Via Del Mar Music Show Quinta Vergara, Via Del Mar, Valparaíso, Chile

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Feb 20th 2012
Boards Of Canada At The Room, Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA Music Show The Room, Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA, Los Angeles, United States

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Jan 20th 2011