Florence And The Machine

Category: Person

Status: Active

Origin: London, UK

Art: Music

Genres: Indie, Alternative, Alternative Pop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Art Rock, Baroque Pop, Soul, Experimental, Experimental Rock, [MORE]

Aliases: The Florence & Machine, Florence & The Machine, Florence + The Machine, Florence+The Machine

Members: Florence Mary Leontine Welch, Robert Ackroyd, Christopher Lloyd Hayden, Isabella Summers, Tom Monger, Mark Saunders

In Groups: Moshi Moshi Records, IAmSound Records, Island, Universal Island Records, Universal Republic, The Vinyl Factory

External Links: Official Website, Wikipedia, MySpace, Last.fm, Eventful, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Discogs, Allmusic, The DJ List, BBC, MusicBrainz, IMDB, ilike, MTV, Billboard

Added Since: Mar 29th 2011

Florence And The Machine
Florence And The Machine At LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park Music Show LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park, Los Angeles United States

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Jul 21st 2018
Florence And The Machine At Place De L'Homme Music Show Place De L'Homme, Montreal Canada

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Aug 3rd 2018
Florence And The Machine At Golden Gate Park Music Show Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA United States

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Aug 10th 2018
Florence And The Machine At Stanley Park Music Show Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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Sep 7th 2018
Florence And The Machine At Overland Park Music Show Overland Park, Denver United States

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Sep 14th 2018