Laurel Halo

Category: Person

Status: Active

Origin: Ann Arbor (MI), US

Art: Music

Genres: Electronic, Turntablism, Techno, Experimental Techno, Electropop, Club, Synthpop, Lounge Music, Ambient, Experimental, [MORE]

Aliases: King Felix, Ina Cube, LaurelHalo, Laurel Hallo

In Groups: Hyperdub, Honest Jon's, Hippos In Tanks, Rvng Intl., Honest Jon's Records


External Links: Resident Advisor, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, Official Website, Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, The Guardian, YouTube, Discogs, Instagram, Beatport, Spotify, Allmusic,

Added Since: Sep 22nd 2017

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Laurel Halo
Ekko Festival Nr. 14 DJ Set Østre, Norway

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Oct 21st 2017
Ekko Festival Nr. 14, Day 5 DJ Set Østre, Norway

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Oct 28th 2017
Laurel Halo At Torino Lingotto Fiere Music Show Torino Lingotto Fiere, Torino Italy

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Nov 3rd 2017
Ableton Loop 2017 DJ Set Funkhaus Berlin, Berlin

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Nov 10th 2017
St Paul`s Sessions With Laurel Halo DJ Set St. Paul's Anglican Church, Greece

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Nov 18th 2017
Laurel Halo DJ Set Kremwerk, Washington State

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Nov 30th 2017
Laurel Halo At Gray Area Gallery Music Show Gray Area Gallery, San Francisco United States

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Dec 1st 2017