Sleigh Bells

Category: Person

Status: Active

Origin: Brooklyn (NY), US

Art: Music

Genres: Alternative, Indie, Pop, Noise Pop, Power Pop, Indie Rock, Dance-Punk, Digital Hardcore, Electronic, Electronica, [MORE]

Aliases: The Sleigh Bells, Sleigh Bell, Slay Bells

Members: Derek E. Miller, Alexis Krauss, Jason Boyer

In Groups: Mom + Pop, Columbia, Sony Music, N.E.E.T., Sleigh Bells & Poison The Well, Sleigh Bells & RubyBlue


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Sleigh Bells
Sleigh Bells At Paradise Rock Club Music Show Paradise Rock Club, Boston United States

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Jan 24th 2018
Sleigh Bells At L'Astral Music Show L'Astral, Montréal Canada

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Jan 27th 2018
Sleigh Bells At Virgin Mobile Mod Club Music Show Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto Canada

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Jan 28th 2018
Sleigh Bells At Metro Music Show Metro, Chicago United States

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Jan 31st 2018
Sleigh Bells At Granada Theater Music Show Granada Theater, Dallas United States

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Feb 6th 2018
Sleigh Bells At 40 Watt Music Show 40 Watt, Athens GA United States

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Feb 10th 2018