Lewis Hamilton Hits Out At New F1 Rules
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Date: Sunday 26 March 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Daily Mail

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Lewis Hamilton has bemoaned the new Formula One rules after stumbling to second at the Australian Grand Prix, claiming they have made cars even harder to follow. The Brit had started on pole position at Albert Park, but slipped behind Sebastian Vettel following the pit-stop phase where the Mercedes driver failed to overtake an out-of-position Max Verstappen. Hamilton stood by his previous claims that Ferrari were the pre-season favourites, and showed more concern over how sensitive cars have become in turbulent air while trying to overtake. 'I don't lie. I'm not really good at bluffing. I didn't really know how quick they [Ferrari] were going to be in the race,' Hamilton told Sky Sports. 'Their pace in testing was true and their speed in that first stint on the ultra soft tyres was fantastic. My real strength wasn't until at the end of the race but it was far too late. 'Formula One has always generally been tough to follow, for me it's a lot worse than I anticipated. 'I hope that it doesn't mean for rest of the year it's more of a trend. I want be closer with cars, more close wheel-to-wheel battling. It's through strategy and pit-stop that we are racing right now.' Hamilton pitted first of the front runners, citing that he had no more life left in his ultra soft tyres. 'I executed a strategy, I only stopped a lap earlier than my normal target. But I couldn't go any further I basically used up all the money that I had in those tyres. It's great we have got a race on our hands.
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