How Apple Could Become A $1 Trillion company
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Type: News
Date: Saturday 5 August 2017, 08:18 AM
Media: Techcrunch

About the organization Apple Inc.:
Type: Business
Sub-Types: Computer, Computer Hardware, Telecommunication, Telecommunication Hardware, Retailing Agent, Computer Software, Telecommunication Software
Notable Organizations: Apple Inc., Techcrunch
Apple reported its earnings this week, and with a surprisingly positive report the shares spiked again as Apple signaled a potential huge iPhone release. With that jump, Apple’s market cap is now over $800 billion. This year alone, shares of Apple are up almost 35%. If Apple’s promise plays out — or exceeds — what Wall Street hopes for the September quarter, we may soon be asking ourselves whether or not Apple really will fulfill the promise of a company that could hit a market cap of $1 trillion. The company is of course one of a very long list of companies benefittings from a massive run up in the public markets, but there is still quite a bit to do. With a potentially huge quarter on the way, a cash pile of hundreds of billions of dollars, an ever expanding line of products and a ton of good will heading into the back half of the year, we may see that question answered sooner rather than later. So let’s run through a couple key factors that Apple is going to have to address if it’s going to hit that largely symbolic but massive milestone nonetheless.
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