Is Amazon's New Store Really The Future Of Grocery Shopping?
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Type: News
Date: Friday 26 January 2018, 12:00 AM
Media: Guest Of A Guest

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This week, Amazon opened the doors of Amazon Go, a reimagined grocery store located on the ground floor of its Seattle offices, to the public. Already, the space has drummed up considerable conversation online and in the media—and rightfully so. It’s flipping all sorts of shopping conventions on their heads: the store is cart-less, cashless, and completely monitored by a ceiling (a ceiling!) of overhead cameras. Talk about the grocery store began a year ago when the company started testing the concept with employees. A renewed bout of interest emerged this weekend as the store’s public opening approached. The store breaks from tradition in almost every way. For starters, you enter the store by swiping through a turnstile using the Amazon Go app, the store’s corresponding digital interface. A ceiling of overhead surveillance cameras monitor everything the customer picks up and keeps. This is all charged to an online shopping cart and registered through the visitors online Amazon profile.
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