'Super Mario Odyssey' Comes Out This Friday And, FYI, It Has A Two-player Mode
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Date: Wednesday 25 October 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Mashable

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There's a co-op mode in Super Mario Odyssey! This might be old news to some of you. It's a detail that was the subject of an E3 reveal back in June, so it's hardly a secret. But E3 is filled with reveals, and it was news to both myself and Mashable Games Editor Tina Amini when we discovered it today, so we decided it might be worth a reminder. Odyssey does a funny thing with Mario's hat. It's not just a simple hat anymore, as it's been in past games. Instead, it has a name Cappy a pair of expressive cartoon eyes, and a game-changing ability: it can capture many of the creatures you encounter. Captured beings aren't just under your command; you effectively become them, temporarily. Capture a Goomba, for example, and you can waddle around on your little mushroom feet, with your low center of gravity affording you full control on icy surfaces. Each capture-friendly being brings a different advantage to the mix. That's not all Cappy's good for, however. The plucky little hat is Mario's chief weapon he can throw it in any direction for a boomerang-like attack. And that's where the second player comes in. If you split your Joy-Con controllers up between two people, one person gets to control Mario while the other commands Cappy. Mario loses his ability to just swing his hat around at will, but the second player can move Cappy freely, collecting coins and attacking enemies for his plumber friend. I can't talk about my own experiences with the two-player mode just yet, under Nintendo's rules. But as you can see in the video above, this seems like a nifty feature to share with a co-habitating loved one in your life.
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