Googleís Cord Cutter App YouTube TV Reaches 2 Million Downloads
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Type: News
Date: Saturday 29 July 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Techcrunch

About the organization Youtube TV:
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Approximately 2 million people have installed the YouTube TV app, Googleís live TV service aimed at a younger generation of cord cutters, as well as those who never signed up for traditional pay TV in the first place. That download figure comes from app store analytics firms Sensor Tower and App Annie, which both also noted that installs are evenly split between iOS and Android devices. Of course, 2 million downloads doesnít necessarily translate into subscribers ó many users may have simply installed the app out of curiosity; others could be on free trials that never convert to paid subscriptions. Still, itís a number that should give YouTube TV competitors ó in particular, telco rivals ó pause. YouTube TV is the youngest arrival in the over-the-top live TV space, and itís growing rapidly. Sensor Tower said that YouTube TV added about 700,000 new installs of its app since its announcement last week that it was entering several new U.S. markets, tripling its footprint. Yes, thatís right ó YouTube TV has 2 million installs and isnít even available across all of the U.S. at this point. Thatís a promising start for a newcomer in this race, even if many of those are still trial customers. Thatís not to say YouTube TV is without serious competition. This April, YouTube TV entered a crowded market, where numerous services compete to deliver live TV to consumers over the internet. Before YouTube TV arrived, Dishís Sling TV, Sonyís PlayStation Vue and AT&Tís DirecTV Now were battling for cord cuttersí attention. Following the launch of YouTube TV, Hulu rolled out its own Live TV service. And this week, Comcast said its Xfinity Instant TV service could hit the U.S. before the end of the year.
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