Kings Of House NYC (Louie Vega & David Morales) Talk Ibiza Expense, Phone Addiction And 51st State
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Date: Friday 26 July 2019, 12:00 AM
Media: Mixmag

About the person Little Louie Vega:
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Genres: Electronic, Latin, House, Garage, Garage House, Club, Dance, Latin Dance, Turntablism, New Age Music, Electronica, Electro, Electro House, Latin House
Notable Artists: Little Louie Vega, David Morales
Notable Organizations: Mixmag
Kings of House NYC is an apt project name for Louie Vega and David Morales’ DJ and production collaboration. Both active in the Big Apple scene from its early days and now undisputed legends across the globe, their status as house royalty is assured. Starting out in the early 80s, Morales has been a regular at some of the most iconic New York clubs The Loft, Red Zone, and Paradise Garage in particular), and teamed up with Chicago house legend Frankie Knuckles and the ‘most powerful woman in dance music’ Judy Weinstein to create Def Mix Productions. He’s had an illustrious career in remixing, producing and performing, and has always maintained his creative integrity and passion for the evolution of house music Still living in New York, Louie Vega’s work is etched into the nucleus of the city’s house history. His residency at The Sound Factory Bar in the 90s is the stuff of legend, and he’s quality has never faltered, just look at the ruckus he caused in The Lab LDN last year. His discography stands as one of the finest ever, with countless incredible remixes, solo productions and releases in legendary groups like Masters At Work and Elements Of Life. The pair are performing together as Kings of House NYC at the 51st State Festival in London on August 3 alongside a host of other incredible artists. Prior to the event, we caught up with them to talk the state of house music today, the influence of the modern world and social media on the profession, and the crippling prices of Ibiza.
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