She's A Dancing Machine By Magda
Status: Available Now!
Type: Music Compilation
Date: Thursday 27 December 2012, 10:02 AM
Media: Soundcloud

About the person Magda:
Art: Music
Genres: Electronic, Turntablism, Techno, Minimal, Minimal Techno, Acid Techno, Club, Dance, Detroit Electro, Detroit Techno, Electro, Electronica, Acid, Tech House, Minimal House, Rave
Notable Organizations: Soundcloud
Evolution is a fuzzy thing when it comes to electronic dance music, especially when left in the hands of certain DJ’s. From experimental to disco to pop to house and everything in between and to come, the mutation is the now and new. Known for mutations of her own, MAGDA, the Berlin resident DJ and producer, brings her influences and creations full circle in this runway soundtrack act SHE’S A DANCING MACHINE. Through over thirty tracks of classic and fresh as hell dance burners, the selection and style is reflective yet reactive to what “minimal” music and mix albums ought to create. From robotic hustles to disco house sprinkler moves and electro-tech windmills, Magda turns the years back to phuture. Equal parts perspiration and inspiration, SHE’S A DANCING MACHINE delivers with micro-edits, custom loops and lofty effects, born out of her DJ ascension from beating the bits out of her Final Scratch in clubs. The mix has the range you’d expect with top shelf artists included such as Metro Area, Ricardo Villalobos, Marc Houle and Robert Babicz and sets up some surprises from decades past by dropping in Larry Heard and Portion Control. Amongst personal favorites from The Persuader (Svek’s Jesper Dahlbäck) she’s not afraid to loop in her own productions from Minus and her new label (along with Marc Houle and Troy Pierce), Items & Things. SHE’S A DANCING MACHINE paints the experience and attitude from a night with Magda in control at the decks. Since the turn of the millennium she’s been building a steady fan base throughout Europe, North America and Japan with a few residencies built by demand, charming us along the way with a smile. Magda has taken the chosen not given path of a DJ with a mission- searching, finding and carving her own path from being a slave to the rhythm.
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