The Weeknd's Collaboration With H&M Is Now Available
Status: Available Now!
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Date: Thursday 2 March 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Refinery29

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Notable Organizations: Refinery29
The Weeknd's collaboration with H&M is now shoppable. Click through to get your hands on a piece from Spring Icons (before it sells out). The prices range from $14.99 to $79.99, which is one of the more affordable celebrity-brand lines we've seen. And depending on where you are in the world, it may be too hot for a hoodie or that double-breasted coat, but between the T-shirts and the trousers, we can assure you there's something for everyone. This story was originally published on February 2nd, 2017. The Weeknd is keeping himself pretty busy these days. (And, no, we're not just referring to his dating life.) The singer is coming off the release of his second studio album, Starboy, and is gearing up for his U.S. tour, which kicks off in June. But before he throws himself into all that, he's collaborating with H&M on the retailer's Spring Icons collection, and it's inspired by the singer's love for menswear staples like bombers and big ol' T-shirts. And with the key design element of the range looking like 'XO's and tiny hearts, we'd say Tesfaye sure is feeling the love. To be clear, the pairing doesn't include any Weeknd-designed items, per se, but the pieces were curated by the singer to make our spring shopping trips a lot easier. "Abel’s taste and style perfectly fits the menswear mood of the season at H&M. He has such a great eye for the little details that matter, and for mixing together updated men’s classics for the perfect tailored streetwear look,” Andreas Löwenstam, head of design for menswear at H&M, said in an official press release. Tesfaye is frequently seen in all-black getups comprised of hoodies, bombers, and the flyest sneakers in town, so yeah, we'd say this whole pair-up makes a lot of sense.
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