Why Kim Kardashian Hid Her Silver Hair From 100 Million People For A Week
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Date: Thursday 7 September 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Refinery29

About the person Kim Kardashian:
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If we had a dime for every time the Kardashian-Jenner family changed hair colors overnight (and then back again) we might actually be able to afford their extensive beauty routines. And while Kourtney and Kendall keep their hair relatively the same, it's Kim and Kylie who fake us out with brightly colored wigs on the regular. And just last night, it seemed as though Kim debuted yet another new look ó only this time, her hair was real. Kim made an appearance at Tom Ford's SS18 show last night in New York with about 12 inches more hair ó and silver strands from root to tip. Naturally, we assumed the Daenerys Targaryen hair color was a wig, but according to the source herself, it's not. KKW took to her website to explain: "Iíve been talking about going blond again for a long time, and Iím so happy I did! I know a lot of people initially thought I was wearing a wig, but itís my real hair. My amazing stylist, Chris Appleton, dyed my hair and got it to the most perfect platinum, silvery-white color."
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