To Win At Instagram During Fashion Week, All You Need Is To Be Kendall
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Date: Tuesday 14 March 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Refinery29

About the person Kendall Jenner:
Art: Television, Modelling
Genres: Celebrity TV, Reality TV, Socialite, TV Personality, Commercial, Fashion, Fit, Glamour, Instagram, On-Camera, Podium, Promotional, Runway
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There may be a lot of things changing about how we see, consume, and attend Fashion Month, but one thing has become evidently clear season after season: If you're Kendall Jenner, you're pretty much guaranteed to come out a winner at least when it comes to your social profile. This season, the 21-year-old model had the most-liked photo posted by a model to Instagram, and not just at one of the four ; she posted most-liked 'grams during at all four major Fashion Weeks. She also had the most interactions i.e. likes and comments on her pictures out of all her contemporaries throughout the month. (Gigi Hadid came in second, while her sister, Bella, was third.) Sure, it's not that surprising that someone like Jenner, who's got 76.3 million followers (as of today) had a successful run documenting her month-long gallivant, from catwalk looks to street style #ootds. But most of the moments that got Jenner to the top rung of Instagram's Fashion Month stats weren't the extra-stylized, ultra-edited shots that tend to dominate our feeds each season. Rather, it's the off-the-clock, somewhat candid moments she shared like, say, lounging around post-show or wishing for warmer, less jam-packed days with a #TBT that got some extra love. During the fall '17 (and spring '17 2.0, for some brands) season, Instagram reported 64 million people using the platform to engage with Fashion Month. We saw new faces like Naki Depass, Selena Forrest, Alana Arrington, He Cong, and Teddy Quinlivan boost their follower counts after successful runway turns. We responded when designers got a little more personal with their dispatches like when Victoria Beckham posted the most popular brand photo of New York Fashion Week: a bouquet from husband David and her kids. Through all the shifts and changing trends, though, Kendall Jenner's undeniable social influence remained and it added up. See Jenner's most-liked pictures from the latest season (including some you may have missed), ahead.
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