Trump's Private Palm Beach Oasis
Status: Available Now!
Type: News
Date: Wednesday 22 February 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Guest Of A Guest

About the person Donald Trump:
Art: Corporation, Television, Politics
Genres: Entrepreneur, Construction, Founder, Executive, Management, Real Estate, Urban Development, Presidency, Republican Party, Celebrity TV, Reality Show, Reality TV, Documentary TV, Talk Show, TV News, TV Personality, TV Programming, U.S. Presidency, Conservatism, Federalism, Fiscal Conservatism, Right-wing Populism, Social Conservatism
Notable Organizations: Guest Of A Guest
Ah, Trump. When he's not hanging up on foreign leaders in the Oval Office or visiting Melania in their gilded New York castle in the sky, it's very likely that you could find him Tweeting in the comfort of his Palm Beach escape, Mar-a-Lago. Slated to be the new Camp David, this so-called "Winter White House" has already hosted Mr. President three straight weekends in a row (costing taxpayers approximately $10 million, but hey, who's counting?!). Members-only access to this social hive will run you $200,000, plus annual fees of $14K, and even if you could just shrug those numbers off, you'll have to be recommended by a current member. Not to mention get extremely vetted, since, you know, POTUS apparently spews national security issues in the dining room here. Walls adorned with portraits of the Donald aside, the place is as fancy as you'd expect from Florida, though it does run dangerously close to plain ol' chichi. Membership includes access to the luxury guest rooms, dining rooms, pool area, and probably Trump's cabinet. Joking but would we really be surprised?
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