Trump Administration Is PISSED — At Itself
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Date: Friday 24 February 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Refinery29

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What happens when people stop being polite, and start turning on each other about 30 days into a new presidential administration? Well, we’re starting to know. Not that anyone was exactly “being polite” at the beginning. With so much drama in the administration it feels like we’re one congressional hearing away from a full-on D.C.-style table-flipping (which is mostly just tweeting in all caps, but still). And if this White House is going to act like a pinot grigio fueled reality show cast, we’re going to recap it as such. A House Divided (Against Itself) Blood may be thicker than water, but political appointments are not. This administration may look like a happy family (especially when the Big Man's daughter sits in on meetings and her husband's on the payroll), but at present the "family" looks more like the Married to the Mob kind. There's lots of fighting. And, if televised, these spats would surely need subtitles ("sobs"). Trump’s administration has hit a breaking point in terms of the major players getting along and all being on the same terrifying page. There are power grabs going on, and if there’s one thing this group knows, it’s grabbing. Malibu Lies Barbie Kellyanne Conway is rumored to be sidelined from television appearances because her message is not fully in line with the administration’s. Look, Conway needs airtime like most people need water, so I hope someone is checking on her. For all we know, she’s in the green room at CNN running in a circle, screaming, “actually, no...” over and over. Some claim that the one-two punch of publicly endorsing Ivanka’s line and also saying Trump was confident in General Flynn just before his resignation left team Trump edging her out of the spotlight so she isn’t as much of a liability.
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