Hollywood Millionaires Behind Hillary
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Date: Monday 7 November 2016, 12:00 AM
Media: Daily Mail

About the person Hillary Clinton:
Art: Politics
Genres: Democratic Party, Economic Liberalism, Presidency, Modern Liberalism, Social Liberalism, U.S. Presidency, Social Conservatism, Federalism, First Lady, Secretary Of State, Senate, U.S. First Lady, U.S. Secretary Of State, U.S. Senate
Notable Organizations: Daily Mail
Robert De Niro, James Corden and Leonardo DiCaprio stump for Clinton at film awards Several Hollywood screen legends took to the stage last night during an annual awards ceremony to urge Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton tomorrow. Raging Bull actor Robert De Niro began the attacks on Donald Trump by comparing him to the 'totally insane' General Jack D Ripper from Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangeglove. He warned electing the real estate reality TV star would be a 'tragedy'. He said on stage: 'It's two days until a frightening election. The shadow of politics is hanging over us whether we like it or not. 'It's hard for me to think about anything else so let me lay it out right here. We have the opportunity to prevent a comedy from turning into a tragedy. Vote for Hillary Tuesday.' The veteran actor, 73, has previously voiced opposition to Trump, saying he wanted to punch the Republican candidate in the face in a video campaign last month. De Niro picked up the Hollywood Comedy Award for his portrayal of an ageing comic in the film The Comedian. A host of A-list names were recognised at the ceremony in Beverly Hills - billed as one of the first award shows of the season - including Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman and Leonardo DiCaprio.
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