Best Moments From Hillary Clinton's First Interview Since The Election
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Date: Friday 7 April 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Refinery29

About the person Hillary Clinton:
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It's been said in countless ways, countless times, to the point at which even those of us who have been #withher the whole way might be getting fatigued by it. While it's understandable to feel numbed by injustice, we should take a page out of HRC's book because she just keeps on being a class act and coming up with useful ways to help people instead of dwelling on the past. What better reminder to keep shouting those five words from the rooftops than her first interview since the election at the Women in the World conference with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof? (You can watch it in full here.) In the hour-long talk, she addressed a variety of topics, including the one that gnaws at us the most: how an insidious penchant for disliking strong women, from Russia to the Trump campaign to the Bernie camp, tragically changed the outcome of the election. It was hard to choose just a few, but we've picked out the best moments from last night's interview. And to the haters, in an extremely Hillary voice: Not today, dear.
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