The Wrong Person To Fix Uber's Culture
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Date: Thursday 23 February 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Inc.

About the person Arianna Huffington:
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Sexual harassment? Diversity? A lack of transparency? Those are awfully familiar issues for the Huffington Post founder. Following claims of widespread sexism and sexual harassment, Uber has tasked Arianna Huffington with helping to conduct an investigation into the company's dysfunctional work culture and providing recommendations for fixing it. As a member of Uber's board, Huffington is the company's highest-ranking woman, which would seem to make her an ideal fit to lead these efforts. There's just one problem: Huffington has a history of fostering or tolerating some of the same workplace issues at the Huffington Post that she is now promising to solve at Uber. In her 10 years running HuffPost, the media startup sported a notoriously toxic atmosphere and a marked lack of diversity, while Huffington herself was accused of covering up an instance of sexual harassment in her inner management circle. "The goal is not just to turn things around and make things a little better; the goal is to create an absolutely awesome culture where there is zero tolerance for this kind of behavior," Huffington said Tuesday at an all-hands meeting at Uber. "And that means that one of Uber's cultural values that has to do with celebrating top performers and appreciating everything that they contribute, must also include that no brilliant jerks are going to be allowed here.
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