Do You Hate When Celebrities Talk Politics?
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Date: Friday 24 February 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Refinery29

About the person Meryl Streep:
Art: Acting, Comedy, Corporation, Politics
Genres: Film, Movie, Sound Movie, Television, Theatre, Activism, Philanthropy, Democratic Party, Modern Liberalism, Economic Liberalism, Social Liberalism, Stage & Screen
Notable Organizations: Refinery29
What happens when an outspoken president with a rock-bottom approval rating and a vendetta against the media takes office right in the middle of Hollywood’s awards season? Political speeches from anyone lucky enough to take the podium. Meryl Streep set the trend this year with her scathing takedown of Donald Trump at the Golden Globe awards — liberals loved it, and conservatives flipped out. And, given the political climate right now and the fact that celebrities love to use their platforms to propagate their politics, the Oscars, and the days following, are about to be lit. It’s not hard to anticipate the backlash from folks like Tomi Lahren who will likely take to social media after the awards and bitch about how Hollywood liberal elites don’t understand “real Americans.” Twitter trolls will be quick to react, and act like the triggered snowflakes that they hilariously call us. The day after the Globes, for example, Diamond and Silk, two internet personalities-turned-Trump surrogates, released a video rant: “To all of you actresses and actors, you are only here for our pure entertainment,” Diamond yells into the camera. “On your résumé it doesn’t say politician. You are an actress. It means you are a fake. You are somebody we can use on a daily basis to get our [entertainment] fix and then we kick you to the curb.” The summation of their video is simple: We don’t care about celebrities’ political opinions. Famous people exist only to entertain us. They should keep their mouths shut. Oh, the hypocrisy! Let’s get one thing straight: Conservatives don’t care that celebrities voice their opinions, unless they disagree with the opinions the celebrities are voicing.
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