These Shots Made With A Nokia 3310 Are Gorgeous, But Only If You Don't Look Too Closely
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Date: Tuesday 17 October 2017, 12:00 AM
Media: Mashable

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Ah, the old/new Nokia 3310. It's simple, virtually indestructible, and comes with Snake but what we really wanna know is, how does its camera hold up? Singapore photographer Xavier Lur took the iconic handset out for a try, and the results are pretty stunning Admittedly, the photos look heavily filtered, but are still quite a sight to behold that is, if you don't look too closely. Lur tells us he used Adobe Lightroom to edit the photos, then applied a VSCO filter on them for added effect. "Based on today's standards, the camera isn't fantastic at all. Photos look pixelated, night photos will have a blue tint if you use the default auto white balance setting, and you have to hold the phone steady for around 2 seconds every time it takes a photo," he told Mashable. And indeed, a quick zoom in on the pictures reveal that they are extremely pixelated by today's standards, although the quality of the two megapixel camera might not exactly come as a surprise. Lur thinks that the pictures, while not comparable to that of a modern smartphone, are still of a "decent" quality. "The purpose of my tweet isn't to show that the camera is great. It's [to show] that you don't exactly need a high-end camera to take a decent photo." Well said.
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