A Cyclist Is Using A Google Assistant-controlled Electric Bike Wheel To Ride Cross Country
Status: Available Now!
Type: News
Date: Friday 29 December 2017, 07:25 AM
Media: Techcrunch

About the organization Google Assistant:
Type: Business
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There are bad ways to get to CES, and then thereís this ó a 10-day, cross-country bike ride. Itís a week and change of 17-hour days spent peddling through zero-degree temperatures across the Midwest. Hell, itís early January ó even Las Vegas is near freezing this time of year. This is one way to put your new electric bicycle wheel through its paces ahead of launch. But more importantly, itís a pretty solid publicity stunt, funded by Google ó a company that likes making a grand entrance. Itís all part of whatís shaping up to be a pretty big push for Google Assistant at the yearís biggest consumer electronics show. Electronís Gen 2 Wheel was actually announced a few months, and is currently up for pre-sale from the companyís site for $799 (with Best Buy availability arriving at some point in the future). The whole Google Assistant bit, however, is new for CES, and will only be available in beta when the wheel starts shipping in February. Google clearly wasnít content with Assistant just being on phones and smart speakers, so it approached Electron as a potential partner. Itís arguably one of the most interesting implementations of the smart assistant to date, and actually makes more sense than the initial novelty of the whole thing suggests.
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